Not after a book - then consider these television/YouTube/audio programmes....

NSW Rural Fire Service YouTube Channel


Our organisation's official YouTube channel featuring Bush Fire Fact, I Am Fire, Li'l Larikkins, and NSW RFS Learning & Development videos in addition to a large selection of uploads.

View at this link

Centre of Excellence for Prescribed Burning YouTube Channel


The webinars, original content and playlists on this channel are designed to develop and share prescribed burning knowledge, supporting capability development for prescribed burners and promote leading prescribed burning research and practice.

View at this link

Bushfire & Natural Hazards CRC Hazard Channel


Learn more about the BNHCRC research by watching their videos.

View at this link

ABC Emergency - Disasters in Australia


A site that features stories, images, timelines and videos about different disasters that have affected Australia, including 2020 bushfires, Black Saturday, Ash Wednesday, Sampson Flat, and the Esperance fires.

View at this ABC link

Fire Engineering (US) firefighting website


In-depth features, videos, and reports on structural firefighting and firefighter training from renowned experts in the fire service, including dedicated areas for engine company and truck company operations as well as fire dynamics and behaviour.

View at this link

From the Embers Podcast - Stories from the Bushfire Crisis

April, 2020 (9 episodes)

This Community Broadcasting Association of Australia's documentary series takes listeners to the very heart of nine communities affected by the recent bushfire crisis. The communities of the Adelaide Hills, Bairnsdale, Braidwood, Cooma, Kangaroo Island, Mallacoota, Mongarlowe, Moruya and Omeo share their stories.

Listen to this at CBAA link

ABC Four Corners Black Summer

February 2020 (48 mins)

They are the videos that stopped the nation and stunned the world - images from the firegrounds capturing the ferocity of the bushfires that have raged around Australia this black summer. These videos have been viewed tens of millions of times, but who filmed them and how did their stories end? Four Corners brings you the people and the stories behind the heart-stopping footage seen around the world.

View at this ABC link

60 Minutes Australia - The fight against Australia's biggest ever bushfires

February 2020 (35 mins)

Despite the heroic efforts of thousands of brave men and women, lives have been lost and enormous amounts of property destroyed. Understandably, "Why?" is the first thing people want to know. "Can we stop it happening again?" is the next. In the premiere story of the 42nd season of 60 Minutes, Tara Brown speaks with highly respected fire, climate and political experts to answer the fundamental questions Australians need answered.

View at this YouTube link

ABC Catalyst Tassie Fires

5th April 2016, 8.00pm (17 mins)

The unprecedented number and size of fires ignited by dry lightning in Tasmania are no longer 'natural' events. Conditions are so dry that the soil itself is burning. Ecosystems normally too wet to burn are going up in smoke. 1000 year old World Heritage forests face irreversible loss. Is this what climate change looks like?

View at this ABC link

SBS Insight Line of Fire

16th February 2016 8.30pm

Despite countless major bushfires over the past decade, there are many things we still don’t know. Is it best to stay or go? How do you decide? How can we prepare and prevent?
What are the financial damages, and the cost of new building regulations?
Should we be allowed to build in high-risk areas? 
This summer alone, eight people have been killed in fire events, and almost 400 homes lost in Victoria, Western Australia, and South Australia. Insight delves into one of the most terrifying feats of nature; one that has scarred the Australian landscape for centuries. 

View at this SBS link

SBS On Demand requests that you register for free to watch this programme. This programme is also available on DVD to borrow from the library.

ABC Radio Bushfires in Literature and Art

10th February 2016 (16 mins) Audio only.

Grace Moore, Senior Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne reflects on the way depictions of bushfire in literature and art have changed over time.

Listen at this ABC Radio link

ABC Radio Designing Bushfire Resilient Housing

17th September 2015 (16 mins) Audio only.

Some people build their homes in the bush by choice, others find themselves living on its fringes, in the explosion of new housing around the country.The threat of bushfires is increasingly part of life in Australia.Yet every summer, despite pleas from emergency services agencies, homes are lost to fires because they are not properly prepared or protected.Ian Weir argues that good architectural design strikes the right balance between bushfire protection, biodiversity conservation and affordability.

Listen at this ABC Radio link 

SBS Bushfires – Inside the Inferno

2014 (120 mins)

In Australia, our bushfire season commences earlier and earlier and on the verge of another sweltering summer, the battle rages as we go Inside the Inferno in this 2-part documentary series exploring the deadly natural enemy that affects us all.

View at this SBS link

SBS On Demand requests that you register for free to watch this programme. This programme is also available on DVD to borrow from the library.

ABC Catalyst Earth on Fire

June 2014

How will the rise of mega-fires affect life as we know it? Reporters Anja Taylor and Mark Horstman travel to opposite sides of the planet to find out.

View at this ABC link

ABC Four Corners Fire in the Wire

28th October 2013, (45 mins)

Reported by Geoff Thompson and presented by Kerry O'Brien ask why have public officials disregarded the lessons of the past that may have prevented our most disastrous fires and we look at the factors holding back changes that might well protect the community in the future.

View at this ABC link

ABC Catalyst Burning Down the House

10th June 2010, 8.00pm (9 mins)

With Australia’s climate set to get hotter and drier, bushfires are expected to pose an increasing threat to Australian homes. But burning and analysing building materials in the lab, or sifting through the ashes after a bushfire has done its work, can only reveal so much. Mark Horstman visits a unique science lab designed to replicate and monitor a bushfire's attack on a house.

View at this ABC link

ABC Catalyst Fighting fire with fire - Knowing the enemy - Decisions under fire

22nd October 2009, 8.00pm

Three episodes, including Cameron and Warwick Tozers account of the Strathewen 2009 fires within the Knowing the enemy episode.

View at this ABC link

ABC Out of the Ashes Documentary

2010 (53 mins)

On the 7th of February 2009, devastating bushfires tore through Victoria, Australia. Swathes of prime forest were destroyed and it's wildlife incinerated. But against all odds there were survivors of Black Saturday. This is their story told in beautiful cinematography of how Nature rose out of the ashes.

View at this Youtube link

This programme is also available on DVD to borrow from the library.

ABC 7.30 Report Ash Wednesday Review 10 Years On

16th February 1993, 7.30pm (7 mins)

Commemorating the tenth anniversary of the Ash Wednesday bushfires, this 7:30 Report story recalls the cauldron of February 1983, assesses the recovery made in the decade since, and poses the question of lessons learned. The report sounds a cautionary tone to the treechangers migrating to the bushy townships on Melbourne's perimeters, casting Ash Wednesday as a pre-cursor to some unknown comparable or worse event in the future - an event we now know as Black Saturday.

View at this ABC link



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