How to use the library catalogue



Type your keywords/title/author into the search box at the top of the page and click on Go.

Advanced Search

This search allows you to enter in more item details (eg. Keywords, title, author) at one time.

You can also limit the search based on the item type, eg. DVD, Thesis.


You may refine your search by using the links on the results page e.g. by author, item type.

You can also sort your results alphabetically, by date or by relevance using the drop down menu.

Subject Guides and Lists

These are bibliographies selected by the librarian for certain NSW RFS interests.

Lists are located on the top of the webpage as a drop down menu. The Incident Controller: Major Incident (ICMI) program resources ICMI resources are listed here.

Subject guides appear as suggested links at the top of your results page.

Requesting items for loan

  1. You can either add each individual item into the cart by using the shopping icon “Add to Cart” under each item record in your results or if you have ticked (selected) multiple items, use the drop down menu “With Selected Titles” and choose Add to Cart.
  2. When you have finished selecting the items you would like to borrow, click on Cart (the shopping trolley icon) in the top left hand corner.
  3. A small message box listing the 'Items in your cart' will open.
  4. Select the items you would like to borrow and click on the email icon Send.
  5. A new message box will open. Make sure that the Email this Basket To Option is the library as a hold request (with a copy to me)
  6. ** Type in YOUR EMAIL in the Your Email Address box (otherwise I won't know who the request is from) and click Send. Please note that the Comments box does not currently work. If we are unable to locate your name and library record using your email address we will email you a message.

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