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Fire incidents - Australia

World-first research confirms Australia’s forests became catastrophic fire risk after British invasion
 (News article)

The Conversation, 16 February 2022

Australia’s forests now carry far more flammable fuel than before British invasion, our research shows, revealing the catastrophic risk created by non-Indigenous bushfire management approaches.

Use this Conversation link to read the article online. The research article in Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment may be read online here.

Fire incidents - International

Likelihood of extreme autumn fire weather has increased 40 percent, modeling shows (ScienceDaily news article)

Oregon State University, 23 February 2022

The likelihood of hot, dry, windy autumn weather that can set the stage for severe fires in California and western Oregon has increased 40 percent due to human-caused climate change, new computer models show.

Use this ScienceDaily link to read the article online.

The Pigeon Valley fire : a questionnaire study about the evacuation process (NZ Report)

Fire and Emergency New Zealand, June 2021

The 2019 Pigeon Valley Fire in Nelson was NZ's largest wildfire ever. A recently published survey of 152 households affected by the wildfires gives valuable insights into peoples behaviour, and help planning for management of wildfire evacuations in the future.

Use this Fire and Emergency NZ link to read the report online.

Spreading like Wildfire: The Rising Threat of Extraordinary Landscape Fires (Report)

United Nations Environment Program, February 2022

The United Nations engaged a team of international researchers, including scientists from CSIRO, University of Oxford, University of Chile, California State University and as far afield as the Alaska Fire Science Consortium for this first ever UN report about the rising threat of extraordinary landscape fires. It find that climate change and land-use change are making wildfires worse, anticipating a global increase of extreme fires even in areas previously unaffected.

Use this UNEP link to read the report online.


Fire(fighter)-related human behavior : understanding cognitive limiations on the fireground (Magazine article)

Fire Engineering, February 2022

The psychology of human behaviours and, more importantly, failures under duress can explain how firefighters are reflex trained much like pilots. So, how do you explain that, with all of the training the fire service receives, injuries and deaths still occur.

Contact the library to request a copy of this article.

Fire Behaviour

Hotter, drier nights mean more runaway fires (ScienceDaily news article)

University of Colorado at Boulder, 16 February 2022

A new US study shows that an increase in hot, dry nights in recent decades has resulted in nighttime wildfires becoming more intense and more frequent. Nighttime warming is only expected to increase with climate change, intensifying wildfires' size and speed, causing more firefighters to work around the clock.

Use this ScienceDaily link to read the article online.

Smouldering fire and emission characteristics of Eucalyptus litter fuel (Journal article)

Fire & Materials, April 2022

This is the first work to reveal smouldering fire behaviors on different Eucalyptus litter fuels and provides valuable information for understanding the effects of Eucalyptus species and plant parts on smouldering combustion.

Contact the library to request a copy of the article

Fire Management

Country : future fire, future farming (Book)

By Bill Gamage and Bruce Pascoe, 2021

The authors demonstrate how Aboriginal people cultivated teh land through manipulation of water flows, vegetation and firestick practice. They employed complex seasonal fire programs that protected Country and animals, avoiding the killer fires of today.

Contact the library to request a loan of the book.

Informing post-fire recovery planning of northern NSW rainforests (Report)

Ross Peacock and Patrick Baker, BNHCRC March 2022

In historic times rainforests have comprised less than 2% of the total forested area of NSW yet they have played a pivotal role in the states early timber industry, the development of conservation policy, and are the only plant community in NSW to have been included in the name of a World Heritage property. During the 2019/20 wildfire season, 18.1% of the extent of NSW’s rainforest vegetation classes experienced either low, moderate, high, or extreme severity wildfire, a scale un-anticipated in earlier land management risk planning.

Use this BNHCRC link to read the report online.

Underground LoRa Sensor Node for Bushfire Monitoring(Journal article)

Fire Technology, March 2022

A major challenge for fire management is providing reliable information for making decisions: in particular the location of the fire front and forward spot fires. Among the options for automatic ground-level fire detection and monitoring, bushfire wireless sensor networks are showing promise as a technology emerging with the growth of the internet of things

Use this SpringerPublisher link to read the article online.

Prescribed Burning

Global application of prescribed fire (Book)

CSIRO Publishing, 2022

This book provides a first hand perspective of the various methods and ways people around the world view and use prescribed fire. It willl enhance fire practioners, reseachers and agencies understanding and knowledge about the application of fire.

Contact the library to request a loan of the book.

Fire Investigation

Fire investigator : principles and practice to NFPA 921 and 1033 (Book)

International Association of Fire Chiefs, 2019

This fifth Edition is the premier resource for current and future Fire Investigators. This text covers the 2017 Edition of NFPA 921 and addresses all of the job performance requirements in the 2014 Edition of NFPA 1033

Contact the library to request a loan of the book.

Natural Environment

Evidence that post‐fire recovery of small mammals occurs primarily via in situ survival
(Journal article)

Diversity and Distributions, March 2022

This research looks at how species recover from these major bushfires, this, study conducted in the Grampians National Park. The aim tis o determine whether source populations for recovery following large‐scale intense wildfires are derived from either in situ survival, or immigration from surrounding unburnt areas (ex situ).

Contact the library to request a copy of this article 

Rapid assessment of the biodiversity impacts of the 2019-2020 Australian megafires to guide urgent management intervention adn recovery and lessons for other regions. (Journal article)

Diversity and Distributions, March 2022

During the 2019-2020 fires, the Australian Government convened a biodiversity Expert Panel to guide its bushfire response. A pressing need was to target emergency investment and management to reduce the chance of extinctions and maximise the chances of longer‐term recovery. This article describes the approach taken to rapidly prioritise fire‐affected animal species.

Contact the library to reqeust a copy of this article 

NSW State of the environment 2021 (Report)

Environment Protection Authority (NSW), February 2022

This report describes the status and trends in the quality of the New South Wales natural environment and implications for environmental and human health.

Use this SOE link to read the report online.

Emergency Management

The future of emergency management after 2020 : the new, novel, and nasty (Book)

By Robert McCreight and Curry Mayer, 2022

2020 was a year unlike any other in U.S. history. Emergency managers were confronted with a rapidly evolving deadly virus coupled with widespread economic devastation. For emergency managers in 2020, better strategies were needed to overcome these major crises and disasters that triggered instability and upended normal life.

Contact the library to request a loan of the book.

An introduction to emergency exercise design and evaluation (eBook)

By Robert McCreight, 2019

Now available as an eBook as well as hardcopy. In this updated and practical handbook, McCreight explains the essential elements and core principles of exercise design and evaluation. This book focuses on natural disasters and technological emergencies that occur in communities of any size. It provides emergency planners, public health professionals, emergency managers, police officers, and fire fighters with an in-depth look at exercise design.

Contact the library to request a loan of the book.

A paradise built in hell : the extraordinary communities that arise in disaster (Book)

By Rebecca Solnit, 2020

Described by the New York Times Book Review as a "landmark book that gives impassioned challenge to the social meaning of disasters”, this book explores the phenomenon through which people become resourceful and altruistic after a disaster and communities reflect a shared sense of purpose

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The torrent : a true story of heroism and survival (Book)

By Amanda Gearing, 2017

On 10 January 2011, after weeks of heavy rain, a wall of water hit Toowoomba and the Lockyer Valley. Official figures state that over 20 people died. Based on exclusive interviews with survivors, rescuers, and the families and friends of the victims of the disaster, this book is a unique and powerful account of human courage.

Contact the library for eBook access. A hard copy is also available to borrow from the library.

Averting catastrophe : decision theory for COVID-19, climate change, and potential disasters of all kinds (Book)

By Cass Sunstein, 2021

This book explores how governments ought to make decisions in times of imminent disaster, arguing that using the "maximin rule," which calls for choosing the approach that eliminates the worst of the worst-case scenarios, may be necessary when public officials lack important information, and when the worst-case scenario is too disastrous to contemplate.

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Emergency Warnings

Understanding what happens when bushfires merge
(Hazard Note 113)

BNHCRC, February 2022

This Hazard Note reports on research that has developed a simple, fast and accurate way to track the spread of a fire front at the field scale, using emerging technologies to understand the physical characteristics of fires about to merge.

Use this BNHCRC link to read the Hazard Note online.

Leadership and Management

The age of remote work: how COVID-19 transformed organizations in real time (US Report)

IBM Center for the Business of Government, February 2022

This report chronicles changes in modern office work arrangements across government agencies and private sector companies in response to the pandemic.

Use this IBM Business of Government link to read the report online.

5 Leadership development must-haves  (Magazine article)

TD : Talent Development, March 2022

As the world is getting used to a "new normal" informed by the COVID-19 pandemic, we and our team at the Leadership Research Institute (LRI) have been reflecting on the successes and failures of the leadership development programs we have seen during this most unusual of times.

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Community Resilience

Gendered aspects of long-term disaster resilience in Victoria, Australia  (Journal article)

Australian Journal of Emergency Management, January 2022

This paper draws out the gendered factors that affected the resilience of 56 women and men in Australia, and in so doing, begins to address the dearth of research related to gendered aspects of long-term disaster resilience. Men spoke of the long-term cost to them of demands to ‘be strong’ in the worst of disasters and reasons they were reluctant to seek help afterwards. Women spoke of their contributions holding a lesser value and of discrimination.

Use this AIDR link to read the article online.

Mental Health

The third space : using life's little transitions to find balance and happiness (Book)

By Adam Fraswerl, 2012

In Every day we undertake dozens of different roles, tasks and experiences. For years we've been told it's getting the 'big' stuff right that gives us balance and makes us happy. But in our hearts we know it's really the small stuff: a great result at work, our welcome home, an absorbing conversation, a game with the kids.This book is all about getting the small stuff right

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Supporting Volunteer Firefighter Well-Being: Lessons from the Australian “Black Summer” Bushfires(Journal article)

Prehospital and Disaster Management, March 2022

The objective of this research was to explore the impact of the Black Summer bushfires on volunteer firefighter well-being and to investigate how to deliver effective well-being support.

Contact the library to request a copy of the article

Books in our Mental Health and You collection can be found listed here

Learning and Development

The necessary shifts for the new L&D landscape
 (Magazine article)

TD : Talent Development, March 2022

As the world emerges from the pandemic's irreversible effects, there is a vital need for employers to rethink how they train and support employees in developing the skills necessary to successfully move business forward.

Contact the library to request a copy of this article 

What L&D can learn from cross fit (Magazine article)

TD : Talent Development, March 2022

There's a workout challenge in every class. CrossFit times and measures all workouts and posts the results on a leaderboard for everyone to see. That design approach effectively provides the information for introductory-level learners who require it but does not impede higher-performing learners who already possess that knowledge from progressing in the course at their own pace.

Contact the library to request a copy of this article or use this EBSCO link to read the article online.



Welcome to country : a travel guide to indigenous Australia (Book)

Marcia Langton, 2021

In this extensively updated edition, Marcia Langton offers a full range of Indigenous-owned or -operated tourism experiences across Australia, including an expanded directory with 250 new listings, illustrated maps, and photography by Wayne Quilliam.

Contact the library to request a loan of the book.

Missing (Book)

Tom Patterson, 2022

In 1972 Mark May is eighteen. He is bright, beautiful and has a scholarship to study law. Ten years later he descends alone into remote gorge country in north-western New South Wales. He lives in rough camps and stays for thirty-five years. Then, on a feeling, his brothers go looking for him.

Contact the library to request a loan of the book.

Buildings and Bushfires

Housing arrangement and vegetation factors associated with single-family home survival in the 2018 Camp Fire, California(Podcast)

Fire Ecology Chats, March 2022

Fire Ecology editor Bob Keane speaks with Yana Valachovic and Eric Knapp about results from their study that assessed housing arrangement and vegetation-related factors associated with home loss in the 2018 Camp Fire and to determine whether California’s 2008 adoption of exterior building codes improved survival.

Use this Fire Ecology link to listen to the podcast.

Livestock and Bushfires

The Australian 2019/2020 Black Summer Bushfires: Analysis of the Pathology, Treatment Strategies and Decision Making About Burnt Livestock(Journal article)

Frontiers in veterinary science, February 2021

In 2019/2020, Australia experienced a severe bushfire event, with many tens of thousands of livestock killed or euthanised. Little systematic research has occurred to understand livestock bushfire injuries, risk factors for injury, or how to make decisions about management of bushfire-injured livestock.

Use this Frontiers link to read the article online.

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