Open our NSW RFS audiobook collection using the link below.

Listening on a mobile device

Borrowing your audiobook

  • Login to your account - if you are a first time user, click here to find simple instructions on how to register

  • Choose the book title you would like to listen to  

  • Click on Checkout  

  • The audiobook book will download - you can click on Listen to start listening  

  • Your audiobook will be shelved in My Stuff folder

  • The loan period is up to 28 days - you can return the book if you finish it early

How to register for our audiobooks

  • On a mobile device -  download the Boundless app, search for Rural Fire and select our library




  • Type in your Library ID - this will be the prefix NSWRFS and your mobile phone number  (e.g. NSWRFS0404040404)

  • Type any word/number that you want into the PIN

  • This will then allow you to create a patron account as it will recognise you are a new user. 

  • Create Patron Account -  type your chosen password into User PIN  

  • This can be anything, any numbers or letters, no need for capitals, punctuation etc

  • Display name and email aren’t compulsory

  • Choose your security question

  • Your Library ID and PIN are now used to login to your account.

For further help, 
contact your NSW RFS Library

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