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With Flipster you can read the latest issues of our health and fitness magazines in addition to other titles such as PCWorld, Wild, and National Geographic.

Quickly access a magazine in your browser, or use the Flipster app on your mobile device to download a magazine to read later - even when you're offline!

This service is free, courtesy of your NSW RFS library and the 
Health and Wellbeing department.

Reading Magazines on a Computer Device

Open our eMagazine collection here 

Reading Magazines on a Mobile Device

Download the free Flipster app for your device through Google Play or the Apple App Store to borrow  

Search for NSW Rural Fire (it works better if you just type in NSW) when it asks to Find My Library.

Click on Log In

User ID:       ns022395
Password:    rfslibrary.2024

Click on a magazine cover to open and download current and archived issues.

Once it has downloaded, it will appear in “My Shelf” (some magazines stay there forever, others disappear after a few months depending on the permissions set by the publisher)

For further help, contact your NSW RFS Library

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